FauxFire® Behind the IRON THRONE

FauxFire® brings immersive reality to House of the Dragon HBO Activation

Technifex Products provided FauxFire Roadies for the flame effect behind the Iron Throne selfie station and a FauxFire Campfire  for the Dragon’s Den AR walkthrough experience at the HBO Activation for George R.R. Martin’s House of The Dragon prequel to Game of Thrones at ComiCon International: San Diego.

This wild new activation centered around the House of the Dragon prequel series, set years before the events told in Thrones‘ eight-season run. The central premise revolves around the battle for power within the Targaryen family that threatens to plunge Westeros into a war of fire and blood. 


“The Targaryen-era Iron Throne photo-op was an annual SDCC tradition for GOT fans during the show’s long run, and now the prequel series’ signature seat gets its moment in the sun. 

FauxFire Roadies line the backwall behind the Iron Throne in this annual activation.


The “Dragon’s Den” activation is truly immersive to let the visitor experience what a Targaryen does in George R.R. Martin’s world. Once you enter inside, you are escorted through a ceremonial dragon hatching experience that takes you from Dragonstone to the Red Keep. From carrying the egg to walking through a dark narrow corridor surrounded by dragons using the AR app HBO created for the series, House of the Dragon: DracARys, this is a fantastic experience for GOT fans.

The flame effect behind the Dragon’s Den is the FauxFire Campfire, by Technifex Products.