FauxFire® Campfire

Our FauxFire® Campfire uses theatrical smoke and LED lighting to create the look of real campfire flames and is designed for use in temporary applications such as trade shows, special events, haunted houses, concerts and theatrical presentations. For more permanent applications, we recommend the steam version (currently under development) of our FauxFire® Campfire.

IndoorDesigned for Indoor Use with proper Lighting and Environmental Conditions.
Outdoor (Night)Can work Outside at Night with controlled Wind and Lighting Conditions.
Outdoor (Day)Will NOT work Outside in Daylight.
  • The most realistic simulated campfire on the market
  • Can be purchased with or without scenic rock cladding
  • Can be used wherever real fire is not an option
  • Completely self-contained Flame height 6 -12 inches (15.2 – 30.4cm)
  • 360 degrees of viewing Completely safe to touch
  • Easy to operate and very low maintenance
  • Includes long life LED lighting
  • DMX input for smoke machine (flame height)
  • Smoke version includes theatrical smoke machine
  • Optional Audio and Scent Systems
  • Best if used indoors and under controlled lighting

Patent Pending