FauxFire® Campfire

Our FauxFire® Campfire uses theatrical smoke and LED lighting to create the look of real campfire flames and is designed for use in temporary applications such as trade shows, special events, haunted houses, concerts and theatrical presentations. For more permanent applications, we recommend the steam version (currently under development) of our FauxFire® Campfire. 

Indoor Designed for Indoor Use with proper Lighting and Environmental Conditions.
Outdoor (Night) Can work Outside at Night with controlled Wind and Lighting Conditions.
Outdoor (Day) Will NOT work Outside in Daylight.
  • The most realistic simulated campfire on the market
  • Can be purchased with or without scenic rock cladding
  • Can be used wherever real fire is not an option
  • Completely self-contained Flame height 6 -12 inches (15.2 – 30.4cm)
  • 360 degrees of viewing Completely safe to touch
  • Easy to operate and very low maintenance
  • Includes long life LED lighting
  • DMX input for smoke machine (flame height)
  • Smoke version includes theatrical smoke machine
  • Optional Audio and Scent Systems
  • Best if used indoors and under controlled lighting

Patent Numbers (U.S.A)
Patent Pending
Patent Numbers Canada:


  • Rental Pricing
    • Campfire Unit: rents for $650 / show day*
      (example: a Campfire unit rental for a three day show/event will cost $1,950.00 )
      *Rental Prices subject to change
    • Shipping Cost to be determined when quantity and destination are known.
    • Does not include cost of consumables (Smoke Fluid).
  • Purchase Pricing




  • Power Requirements:
    • One 110VAC, 15A circuit
  • Weights:
    • 110 lbs. (With scenic rockwork)
    • 80 lbs. (Without scenic rockwork)
    • 150 lbs. (In roadcase for shipping)
  • Smoke Requirements:
    • This effect consumes 2.5 liters of smoke fluid roughly every 8 hours.
    • It holds a maximum of 18.5 liters (clean fluid)
    • It contains a tank that catches any residual (dirty) smoke fluid. It is 4 liters and must be emptied before every refilling

Campfire FAQ

  • What is FauxFire Campfire?
    • Technifex Products patented FauxFire® Campfire System (smoke) is designed to produce a realistic simulation of flames, using smoke generated from an internal smoke machine, coupled with unique animation and lighting devices.
    • The effect comprises three main elements:
    • A special manifold designed to produce a thin, steady curtain of rising smoke.
    • Animation blowers directed at the curtain to produce flame-like turbulence in the steam
    • LED lights provide coloration of the “flame” effect
    • FauxFire appliances work optimally when they are adjusted to produce “flames” at a maximum height of 6” – 12”.  The effect may be adjusted to lower levels, if appropriate for the venue.
  • How large is the equipment?
    • 32” in diameter (narrowest point), 41” in diameter (widest point)
    • 24” high
  • Does the equipment require any facility inputs?
    • The Smoke Campfire only requires one 110VAC 15A circuit to operate.
  • Are there equipment options available?
    • Equipment options for FauxFire are as follows:
      • Scenic rock cladding
      • Crackling campfire sounds with speaker
      • Optional smoke scent to add realism
  • What is generally required to operate FauxFire® Campfire?
    • As mentioned, a single 110VAC circuit is required
    • Quick dissapating smoke fluid from Look Solutions is needed to fuel the smoke machine
    • A tank that collects the residual smoke fluid buildup will need to be emptied regularly using the included battery-powered wand pump.
  • Is a warranty provided for FauxFire® equipment?
    • Technifex Products provides a conditional one-year warranty on FauxFire equipment.