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Tunnel Vision™

Technifex Products’ Tunnel Vision™ – Water Slide Screen provides multimedia excitement for your 54” enclosed slide(s) using animated video clips and state-of-the-art water screen technology. Riders can now experience the thrill of sliding through aerial images inside a slide tube. Tunnel Vision can be retrofitted to virtually any 54” enclosed slide tube.


Tunnel Vision Water Slide Screen is designed to be easily serviceable and updateable, with the following features:

  • Weather tight top hatch allows for easy access to critical components.
  • System can be fitted to any straight 10-foot 54” enclosed slide section.
  • Designed to allow off-season and/or off-hour retrofit of existing 54” enclosed slides.
  • Low pressure, high-resolution water screen allows for safe pass-through and high image quality.
  • Isolated equipment compartment and built-in air conditioning/heating system protects electronic equipment from moisture and weather conditions.
  • Dual video projectors can be provided for built-in redundancy.
  • Video content stored on flash memory card for reliable replay.
  • Updateable media stores hours of video images, so repeat riders get a fresh, unique experience every time.
  • Wide range of standard video images available. Custom video clips can also be produced.
  • Built in amplifier and stereo speakers enhance the visual experience.

Slide Lites™

Slide Lites™ is the latest innovation in water park safety and entertainment technology from Technifex Products. Using safe, long-lasting UV LED’s, Slide Lites add visual punch and animation to your water slides, while also helping riders anticipate sharp turns and curves inside dark slide tubes. Customizable, fluorescent adhesive art glows and pulses when illuminated by our UV LED lighting system. Slide Lites provide a cost-effective way to add story, brand, safety and great fun to the water slide experience.

Slide Lites™ Installation Kit (25 Slide Lites)


  • (1) Installation Manual & Service Manual
  • (25) Slide Lites w/ 11-foot cords (24 units plus 1 spare)
  • (1) Control Box (Includes battery system if solar panel option is ordered)
  • (3) J-boxes with sequencers (run up to 8 Slide Lites each)
  • (25) Vinyl Chevrons (adhesive back UV artwork)
  • (2) Spare Chevrons (adhesive back UV artwork)
  • (25) P-clamps with Hardware (8-32 x 9/16″ 18-855 Screws, Nuts and Washers)
  • (1) Horizontal Line Scribe Tool
  • (1) Tube 3M 4000 UV Adhesive
  • (1) Indicator Tool (for clocking each Slide Lite)
  • (30) 4″ x 4″ Clear adhesive back vinyl squares
  • (30) 2″ x 2″ Mylar squares
  • Vinyl Squeegee (for adhering vinyl squares)
  • Vinyl Locator Tape (For precise spacing of Slide Lites on slide tube)
  • Stainless brackets (for mounting control and sequencer j-boxes)
  • (24) 1/4-20 x 1 1/4″ Long SHCS with Nuts and Washers (for mounting sequencer and control boxes

Not Provided (Installation tools):

  • Low Voltage wire (for runs between j-boxes and control box)
  • 1 5/8″ Hole saw with 1/4″ pilot drill bit
  • 1/8″ drill bit
  • 16″ Flexible Scale
  • Tape Measure
  • 2″ Sanding Pads (80grit)
  • Electric Drill Motor
  • Spray Bottle with Soap
  • 3/4″ and 2″ Blue Masking Tape (Painters or Low Tack)
  • Phillips #2 Screwdriver
  • 11/32″ Socket Wrench
  • Wire Strippers
  • Allen Wrench (set)
  • Small Tweaker Screwdriver


Aquashot® water cannons are easy to use and a BLAST of fun. 

Shoot at people on a lazy river or create a war-zone attack area where guests can blast a shot of water up to 90-feet to harmlessly disperse over the crowd. Aquashot will keep firing long after standard plastic water shooters. Made of non-corrosive, durable stainless steel and brass components, Aquashot water cannons are designed to last with minimal maintenance required between seasons. With safety in mind, Technifex designed the Aquashot with an adjustable pivot stops to limit the horizontal and vertical firing range. Comfortable handle and trigger assembly easy for both children and adults to operate. Requires only compressed air and water to operate. 

Facility requirements:  

  • Continuous water flow up to 40 GPM
  • Air Supply @120 psi max.  7-25 SCFM depending on cycle time
  • Dry compressed air is recommended
  • Requires secure mounting (4-inch thick reinforced concrete slab recommended)
  • A 15-foot free safety zone is required in front of the Aquashot®
  • Non-slip tread surfaces recommended around each Aquashot® location

Cannon specifications:

  • Weight: 250 lbs
  • Cannon dimensions:  L 44″ x W 20″ x H 70″
  • Base plate dimensions: 16″ x 16″
  • Shoots up to 1.5 U.S. gallons per shot  
  • Air pressure required: 60 -120 psi
  • Horizontal travel: 0 -120 degrees
  • Vertical travel: 25 – 45 degrees

Wind Cannon

The Technifex Wind Cannon is the perfect addition to any exhibit or attraction that requires a blast of air to enhance the guest experience.

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: The Technifex Wind Cannon has been designed with the demanding show requirements prevalent within the amusement park and exhibition industries in mind. The industrial grade components and lack of moving parts make the Wind Cannon ideal for use in dark rides, shooting galleries, museums, miniature golf courses and other themed attractions.

VERSATILE OUTPUT: The nozzle system on the Wind Cannon is capable of 180° rotation and 65° pan and tilt. The nozzle can also be removed from the system for remote installation up to 15′.

CONTROL OPTIONS: The wind cannon can be ordered in two control configurations; Model 1000 – manually controlled or Model 1200 – computer controlled.

WARRANTY: Conditional, with one year on all parts.