Sensory Floor

Technifex showcased our newest product at IAAPA Expo 2021 with rave reviews by both participants and onlookers alike. Demonstrating this sensory stimulator within a VR setting brought the VR/AR developers running and creative producers’ mind gears turning on the boundless applications of this immersive entertainment tool.

Introducing Sensory Floor™ motion panels with built-in effects – wind, scent, leg ticklers, butt kickers, LEDs, pneumatic motion. Pre-programmed or Real Time. Modular and scaleable.

There is nothing more disarming than the floor beneath you being unstable. If you’ve ever been in an earthquake you know this feeling. The ground is not supposed to move! Technifex knows best how to enhance all the senses and with our latest product Sensory Floor™ you can feel the visceral sensation of awe beneath your feet.

Applications include include queue lines, pre-shows, haunted houses, and VR/AR platforms. Creative Directors will have a heyday imagining the different uses of this new product. We can’t wait to see the end result!

Effects include:

• Motion Floor
• Air Blasts
• Leg Ticklers
• Water Spritz
• Low-Frequency Rumble
• Vibration
• Scent
• Smoke
• LED Lights / Fiber Optics