Need a fun and easy water feature for an interior lobby, restaurant, retail space?  Technifex Products offers a mylar circular rain curtain that drops from the ceiling into a pool of water which can be hidden or visible.  Project onto this wall of water for fun visual effects or branding.  

Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella CA was the first to use Technifex Products water feature. They even mixed FauxFire and water together for a stunning effect. This water and FauxFire® feature is an iconic design element within the gaming area at the Spotlight 29 Casino. Technifex produced the 6’ diameter water feature that has water flowing down a 25’ tall array of Mylar ribbons that terminate in a pool of water hidden in the center of the game floor. Completing the elegant atmosphere is a 65-foot wall of Technifex’s patented FauxFire®. The “flames” appear approximately 3-feet high and provide a unique visual impact to the back wall of the casino.

Technifex Products also can create programmable water curtains such as our WaterWeb™ Water Maze.

Made up of a grid of individually controllable rain manifolds, Technifex’s Water Web™ is capable of creating variable mazes for waterparks, entryways, exhibits and special event facilities. With a push of a button, or a programmed cue, a maze can instantly change configuration.

During the day, Water Web™ can act as an interactive play feature. At night, or under controlled lighting conditions, Water Web™ becomes a dynamic show piece. Utilizing color changing lighting and projected imagery, Water Web is a mesmerising night time attraction, backdrop for a concert, or unique and interactive special event in a nightclub.

We have a 2 Module system Available for Rent in the Continental USA only. More info

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